National Women's Shooting Program Offered in North Central PA

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A Woman’s Program Taught by Women!

Kane Pa.:  Have you heard of Women’s Introduction to Wingshooting?  It is a national shooting program for women and girls, taught by women.  The Ruffed Grouse Society, Allegheny and Upland Bird Hunt Chapters, and the Mt. Jewett Sportsmen’s Club are bringing this national program to Pennsylvania once again this summer.  Training will be July 27-28 and August 24-25.  Women and girls that finish the shooting course are eligible for an upland bird hunt on September 8.

National sponsors such as Sportdog, Federal Ammunition, and Purina help make this program available to women.  “This program went over so well last year with women that we are bringing this program back to northcentral PA,” said Brenda Walker, Leader of the Women’s Introduction to Wingshooting Committee.  “We are happy to see so many supporters of this women’s shooting program here in northcentral PA.”

“We have slots for 20 women in this course, and fourteen slots have already been spoken for based on word of mouth from last year’s successful graduates, so we have six vacancies for any women or daughters that might be interested,” said Brenda Walker.  “Call me at 814-778-4248, or email me at  I think our women students really enjoyed being taught by other women last year,” said Brenda.

 Women under the age of 18 who want to attend will be required to be with a parent or guardian during the training.  Any women who register after the course is full will be put on a waiting list so if a registered woman drops out, you can be contacted to attend the course.


The women’s shooting program is open to women who live anywhere.  The program will teach women the basic shooting sports and how to hunt game birds of Pennsylvania:  grouse, pheasant, turkey, quail, woodcock, snipe, doves and crows, and ducks and geese.

Women who want to attend this course may register by calling Brenda Walker at 814-778-4248, or email Brenda at

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